Fundacja na Rzecz Rozwoju Biotechnologii i Genetyki POLBIOGEN
ul. Jugosłowiańska 57, 60-159 Poznań

Fundacja na Rzecz Rozwoju Biotechnologii i Genetyki
POLBIOGEN jest niezależną, samodzielną finansowo
instytucją powołaną do pełnienia misji wspierania
biotechnologii i genetyki oraz realizowania projektów
badawczych w tych dziedzinach.


Statute of the Foundation for the Development of Biotechnology and Genetics POLBIOGEN

§ 1

The Foundation bearing the name: Foundation for the Development of Biotechnology and Genetics ‘POLBIOGEN’ was established by

1. Ryszard Słomski

2. Remigiusz Cudo

§ 2

1. The Foundation operates in Poland and abroad.

2. The Foundation is based in Poznań.

3. In order to pursue its purposes the Foundation may also establish permanent or interim agencies, institutions and departments in Poland and abroad as well as establish and participate in any organization and business units including ventures, companies and corporations in Poland and abroad.

4. The fiscal year of the Foundation matches the calendar year.

§ 3

Upon the Foundation statutory purpose the Foundation shall be supervised by the Minister of Health.

§ 4

The purpose of the Foundation shall be to:

  1. support the biotechnological scientific research  in all areas of life
  2. carry out the biotechnological research in health care and agriculture

§ 5

To fulfil its purpose the Foundation shall:

  1. organize and coordinate pilot research programs;
  2. organize and coordinate scientific research in biotechnology and molecular diagnostics on plants, animals and human;
  3. conduct educational activities by organizing post-graduate trainings in biology and medicine as well as cooperating with universities;
  4. support research, informative and editorial programs aimed at gaining and popularization of knowledge in social, economical, biological and medical occurrences.

§ 6

The Foundation’s assets includes the initial capital in the amount of 1 000 PLN (one thousand Polish Zlotys) acquired in the declaration of will to establish the Foundation as well as financial means, movables and other assets acquired in the course of the Foundation’s activity.

§ 7

The Foundation’s revenues include:

  1. revenues generated by Foundation’s business activity
  2. donations made to the Foundation
  3. donations and subsides
  4. revenues generates by dividends and profits of possessed shares
  5. revenues from public collections and auctions
  6. revenues from capital investments
  7. other legal revenues
  8. the Foundation shall gain its revenues in Polish or foreign currency.

§ 8

1. The Foundation may perform business activity in all legal forms including shares in business subjects including ventures, companies and corporations in the range of the statutory objectives of the Foundation.

2. The Foundation’s assets and revenues shall be used exclusively for the activities identified hereof and the costs of its activity.

3. The Foundation may perform business with domestic and foreign partners in the range of:

1.   research and development in chemical sciences

2.   research and development in biology and environmental protection

3.   research and development in forestry, agriculture and veterinary medicine

4.   research and development in medicine and pharmacy

5.   research and development in other life and technical sciences

§ 9

The Foundation shall conduct financial economy and accounting consistent with the existing regulations keeping separate accounts of income and costs for each kind of activity.

§ 10

1. The Foundation’s bodies are: the Foundation Council and the Board.

2. The members of the Foundation Council are the Founders and other persons appointed by the Founders with an unanimous resolution.

3. The Board is appointed and dismissed by the Foundation Council. The Founders and other members of the Council may be a part of the Board. Members of the Board perform their tasks based on labour contract or manager contract.

4. The appointment to the Board with employment relations shall proceed in accordance with the labour code.

5. The Board manages the Foundation and represents it outside.

6. The Board shall comprise from three to five members.

7. The declaration of will for the Foundation shall be issued by the President of the Board singly or two members of the Board jointly.

§ 11

The Board is entitled to in particular:

  1. prepare yearly and long-term activity plans;
  2. organize and manage the Foundation’s statutory activity;
  3. organize and manage the Foundation’s business;
  4. issue declaration of will to accept donations,  bequests and other revenues;
  5. accept annual balances of the Foundation;
  6. grant awards and honorary prizes to individuals supporting the Foundation and popularizing its activity.

§ 12

1. The Foundation may be liquidated if the Foundation’s founds preclude continuation of the statutory activity or based on an unanimous resolution of the Foundation Council.

2. Upon settling all liabilities and debts the Foundation’s assets shall be transferred to the Poznan University of Life Sciences.

§ 13

Any matters not provided for herein shall be regulated by the Act of Law of 6 April 1984r on Foundations and other applicable provisions of Polish law.

§ 14

Any changes in the Statute shall be made by the Founders.