Fundacja na Rzecz Rozwoju Biotechnologii i Genetyki POLBIOGEN
ul. Jugosłowiańska 57, 60-159 Poznań

Fundacja na Rzecz Rozwoju Biotechnologii i Genetyki
POLBIOGEN jest niezależną, samodzielną finansowo
instytucją powołaną do pełnienia misji wspierania
biotechnologii i genetyki oraz realizowania projektów
badawczych w tych dziedzinach.


The Foundation for the Development of Biotechnology and Genetics ‘POLBIOGEN’ is an independent, financially autonomous, institution established to fulfill the mission of supporting biotechnology and genetics and realize research projects in these scientific areas.

The Foundation for the Development of Biotechnology and Genetics ‘POLBIOGEN’ was founded in 2006 and its founders are private persons connected with Poznań and Szczecin. The Foundation fulfills its statutory objectives by supporting biotechnological scientific research in all areas of our life with particular emphasis on health protection, agriculture and environmental protection with industry as its main end-user. Some of the major activities of the Foundation include: granting scholarships, allocation of subsidies for the realization of implementation projects and ordering projects which have direct practical implications. The Foundation is not supported by the state budget and obtains financial resources for its statutory activities from the cooperation with domestic and foreign businesses and private persons.

The achievements to date of the Foundation include: organization of scientific conferences, preparation of expert opinions, carrying out investigations and elaboration of scientific opinions backed up by over 30 years of experience in research work, over 18 years of expertise in the organization and running of scientific conferences and over 20 years of experience in business.

The mission of the Foundation is to support and assist all possible actions and activities from the area of biotechnology and genetics with the aim to accelerate the transition from the laboratory to practical implementation. The above aim is to be achieved thanks to a direct support of research teams. The Foundation is open to all forms of cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. The addressees of the activities of the established Foundation include: scientific as well as research and development institutions but also small and medium-sized enterprises which, within their activities, carry out research and implementation work from the area of biotechnology and genetics. In addition, the Foundation lends its helping hand to all initiatives of special biotechnological and genetic importance both in Poland and countries cooperating with the Foundation.

Biotechnology and genetics require significant support as both disciplines live through a dramatic development in all parts of the world. Significant potentials for the development of these disciplines exist also in our country but it requires help and support in the transfer from laboratory investigations to practical implementation.